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Activate from search results list

This is a brief how-to document that describes the steps necessary to enable activating nodes displayed in the search results tree in the Magnolia Admin Central application. The following types of source files are required for enabling activation:

  1. Sub-class of AbstractSimpleSearchList that checks for additional request parameters and handles the activation request.
  2. Sub-class of RepositorySearchListModel that performs the search operation, as well as provide a custom ValueProvider to display the content activation status icon.
  3. Sub-class of DefaultValueProvider that displays the appropriate icon based on activation status.
  4. A JavaScript class that performs the search, open/edit/show and activate functions.


The following source files were used to implement the various sources required to enable activation controls. The problem domain for the UCP project was to enable searching across their book titles and book author nodes, and allow editing and activation of the matching nodes directly from the search results list page.

  1. sub-class of the Magnolia AbstractSimpleSearchList class.
  2. sub-class of AbstractSearchList.
  3. implementation class of BaseSearch.
  4. sub-class of the Magnolia RepositorySearchListModel class.
  5. implementation class of BaseSearchModel.
  6. sub-class of the Magnolia DefaultValueProvider class.
  7. AuthorTree.js JavaScript class for the client-side controls. This file is stored under /config/resources/mgnl-resources/js-classes/ucp/books/AuthorTree.js