Sans Pareil Technologies, Inc.

Key To Your Business

SPT has developed a range of closed-source products for internal use as well as for customers. We understand that developing open source solutions does not match the requirements of most of our customers (and some of our own business requirements). We always avoid using copy-left software (eg. GPL) in all our products (open-source and commercial), giving maximum flexibility to our customers.


C++ Universal Mobile API for developing pure native multi-platform applications. The framework provides the following features:
  • Network resource management - Manages interactions with web services developed by SPT.
  • Persistence - A client side persistence layer for persisting the BSON data downloaded to the client from web services.
  • Messaging - A messaging subsystem for inter-thread communications and fail-safe data delivery to web services (critical when network connectivity is unreliable or unavailable).
  • Utilities - Various utility classes and functions to avoid have to write repetitive code for common tasks.

Inspection Data Management

Automated inspection data management, job scheduling and inventory management systems for Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO).

KOL Database

Key Opinion Leader database management system for Pharmarc. The system included the following sub-systems:
  • Data importers from various sources to ingest KOL data into the database.
  • Data Management System - A RIA to help data administrators manage and maintain the data in the system.
  • Client Application - A secure web application used to display KOL data, analysis and statistics to end users.

Rapid Application Development

A RAD framework for developing RIA applications using Echo/EchoPoint and JDO. The framework will provide bi-directional code generation (model to view or vice versa), automatic bi-directional binding (view<-model and model->view), and automatic view initialisation.

Performance Review System

A RIA for managing performance of employees. Designed to meet the requirements of small companies which do not have expensive ERP systems. Developed using Echo/EchoPoint for developing the AJAX User Interface and JDO as the persistence framework.

Recipe and Inventory Management

Recipe and inventory management software for Malabar Kitchen. A desktop application with an embedded database that was custom developed for Malabar Kitchen. The application was developed using C++/Qt and is deployed on the customer's MacBook Pro and Windows 7 desktop systems.