Sans Pareil Technologies, Inc.

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About Us

Sans Pareil Technologies, Inc. (SPT) officially shut down operations as of 31 December 2013. The company was founded by Rakesh Vidyadharan.

Sans Pareil Technologies, Inc. (SPT) is a leading provider of information technology outsourcing and consulting services. We are dedicated to helping clients grow through our combined business-IT knowledge, thoughtful innovation and global scale. Our single-minded passion is to dedicate our global technology and innovation know-how, our industry expertise and worldwide resources to working together with clients to make their businesses stronger.

Our access to global network of professionals and Web knowledge-sharing and project-management platform enables us to tap the right skills and insights at the right time. This allows us to solve your most pressing needs effectively and efficiently by leveraging the best and brightest ideas and resources available.

Our Approach

Placing our clients first is embedded in the SPT culture. By investing in our people and resources, we bring new ideas and innovation to help you succeed in a changing business environment.

Value Proposition

Accelerate Innovation: Since we work with hundreds of technology leaders around the world on cutting-edge product development, we have insights into trends and directions that other firms simply do not. Our global teams provide a broad range of perspectives, and our technology and industry experts ensure that you deliver elegant solutions and differentiate your products from the rest on the market.

Compress Timelines: Building a truly global team enables us to continuously work on your product across multiple time zones.

Quality: SPT is passionate about quality, and we believe it starts by employing the best people, applying the most modern processes, and maximising the level of QA automation. We also follow distributed Agile methods, which emphasise running QA and development cycles in parallel to reduce delays and avoid re-work. We have extensive experience in QA automation using a wide range of tools. Furthermore, our established knowledge sharing, communication and issue tracking processes ensure full transparency.

Manage Costs: Our cost savings go well beyond leveraging lower cost locations. By partnering with SPT, you can scale your team to exactly align with your needs, leverage our senior-level professionals on-demand and access our library of reusable software components. Our efficiency and productivity help shrink your costs.


Sans Pareil Technologies, Inc. specialises in developing multi-platform data driven native mobile/desktop applications. SPT develops and hosts the entire infrastructure required to manage the data, and serve updated data to client applications on our cloud servers. SPT helps customers define, develop and implement their mobile platform strategy. Our native client applications are built using our proprietary C++ Universal Mobile API (UMA) library. SPT also helps customers migrate from their legacy relational database systems to distributed NoSQL datastores.