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SPT has developed a variety of open-source products and frameworks. SPT strongly believes in maintaining a healthy balance between using open source software in its work and contributing open source software back to the community. Most of our OSS is distributed under the liberal commercial friendly Apache 2.0 licence.

MongoDB Client

SPT is developing desktop and web applications for interacting with MongoDB servers as part of the MongoDB Viewer project. SPT has adopted MongoDB as its standard datastore for all service offerings. SPT uses BSON exclusively for data interchange between client applications and server applications, thus removing inefficiencies associated with transforming the BSON data retrieved from MongoDB into other formats before serialising to client applications.


This is a DOM style C++ API for working with BSON data. The MongoDB C++ API is a bit cumbersome for developing client applications. Sans Pareil Technologies, Inc. uses BSON as the data format in both server and client applications, and we needed an easy to use API to perform CRUD operations on data. The API design follows the design of the classes used in developing the desktop application, but is independent of it (the desktop application API uses MongoDB C++ API).

The API presents a Map type interface for representing BSON documents. Each field/element in the document is stored a shared pointer to an Element instance. The element instance may be introspected for the data type stored in it. Elements may be added/removed/updated as well as ordered relative to one other within the same document.

Methods are provided for serialising the data to and from BSON as well as JSON. We use a JSON format that follows the BSON specification, hence it is not in a natural format for direct consumption from a web UI.

JCR Manager

SPT has developed JCR Manager web application for managing and interacting with Java Content Repositories. The application currently supports only JackRabbit repositories.


EchoPoint is the largest third-party component library for Echo3. EchoPoint is an attempt to port components from EchoPointNG as well as add more modern components to Echo3.

Object Database

SPT Object Database is a pure in-memory Java object database system implemented using Prevayler. SPTODB supports basic features expected in an object database.
  • Seamless persistence of simple object graphcs.
  • Annotation based indexing and constraints on prevalent objects.
  • Generics based transaction and query objects to remove requirement for clients to create transaction and query objects as required by Prevayler.
  • Persistence by reachability as supported by popular ORM frameworks.
  • Managed relationships (uni and bi-directional).
  • Lucene based search indexing of annotated searchable fields in prevalent objects.

View the database engine manual, and API specifications for the engine.

Relational Database Web Tool

SPTRWT is a simple web application to display the standard objects in an RDBMS and interact with it. Designed to be similar to usual desktop database tools. Visit the project page at google code to download the application. Documentation and screen captures are available on the project page. View javadoc for the application. The project is also hosted on freshmeat.

UNIX Password Application

Developed as an accessory to the SPTWebMail application to enable SPT users control over their mail account password. The application connects via telnet to the mail server, authenticates the user and changes the users password. Read documentation about the application

Web Mail

SPTWebMail is a RIA web mail application. Developed using Echo2/EPNG frameworks and JavaMail. Note that we have discontinued support for this product, since we believe smart phones have made web mail client's obsolete.