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Final Project

Develop a JAX-RS based REST service for managing books and authors. The project must include full unit and integration test suite. Also develop a simple JavaScript based Web application that will demonstrate use of the REST services to manage books and authors.


  • First Name (required)
  • Middle Name
  • Last Name (required)
  • Email address (required, unique)
  • URL


  • Title (required)
  • Author (required). For simplicity assume a book can have only one author
  • ISBN - set of ISBN’s representing published versions of the book
  • Synopsis (required)
  • Description
  • URL


  • ISBN (required, unique) - 13 digit ISBN associated with a version of the book
  • Book - reference back to the book with which the ISBN is associated
  • Format (required) - Enumeration of Hardcover, Paperback, Electronic
  • Price (required)
  • Pages
  • Publish date (required)

Author Service

The author service will be used to manage author instances. It should support the following operations:
  • Create new author instances.
  • Retrieve all author instances
  • Update an author instance
  • Delete an author instance. Delete should cascade down and delete all books associated with author.
  • Search for authors matching a specified name. Search should search both first and last names to find matching authors.

Book Service

The book service will be used to manage book instances. It should support the following operations.
  • Create a book
  • Retrieve all books
  • Retrieve all books associated with a specified author
  • Update a book
  • Add an ISBN to a book
  • Modify an ISBN associated with the book
  • Remove an ISBN from a book
  • Delete a book. This will delete all associated ISBN’s
  • Search for books matching specified words. Search the title field for matching books.