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Assignment 2

Develop a gradle based Java web application that has the following features:

  • Index/default page

    • Display a list of Person records stored in the application database.  There will be no records when application is run the first time.  No login is required to access this page.

    • Displays a link (anchor tag) that will lead user to a create person page that presents a HTML form used to create a user.  This page will be accessible only if logged in as application admin user (see below for details).

    • Each person record stored in the database is displayed on the listing screen ordered by name.

    • Each person entry on the page should display the name, gender and age of the person.  The name should be a hyperlink to a page that presents a form that can be used to edit the information related to the person. This edit page can be accessed either by the application admin user (see below), or the username/password combination for the selected person.  A person can only edit their details, not any other person's details.  The username should not be editable.

  • Login screen - allows either the application admin or a person to log on using the username/password stored for a person.

  • Logout screen - allow testing use of application using application admin user or any person created using the application.

  • Application admin user - A hard-coded (in code) user who can login to the application and manage (create/update/delete) person records.

  • Person record - stored in a database table, and also represented as an equivalent model object in code.  The following information needs to be stored related to the person (treat all as required):

    • name - Name is unique and should be validated by backend code without just delegating to database error.

    • gender - restricted to standard values

    • age

    • username - Username should be unique and validated by backend code without just delegating to database error.

    • password

  • Person repository - Handles all database interactions such as saving Person objects to database, reading from database, removing from database etc.

  • Servlets as appropriate to handle application logic.

  • Full test suite that tests all aspects of the application including negative tests such as:

    • Attempt to create a person with duplicate name and the expected error response

    • Attempt to create a person with duplicate username and the expected error response.

    • Attempt to login using invalid credentials.