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Develop an application that will retrieve and display history of stock prices for a user selected stock symbol from Google Finance. The application should have the following features:

  • Initial scene should list three preselected stock symbols in a table view. The user may add/remove symbols the table as appropriate. Each symbol will be displayed as two values - the name of the company, and its stock symbol.
  • Selecting a symbol in the table will take user to a scene where they can select the number of days of data they wish to view. Set the maximum as one year (365 days is fine).
  • There should be some kind of control/widget that the user can use to go to another scene that displays the data for the specified number of days. The historical data can be downloaded using the following URL:
  • Google returns the data as a CSV file. Search the web for a Swift CSV parser, and use that to parse the data and display in a table view. Each table cell should display the date, the daily low and high prices as well as the closing price.
  • The data should be downloaded without blocking the UI. User should be able to cancel the download and go back to the previous scene at any time.
  • There should be summary scene, which will display a summary of the historical data downloaded. This scene must display the name and symbol for the company, the lowest price for the symbol and the date on which it occurred, the highest price for the symbol and the date on which it occurred, as well as an average price for the entire time period.