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Assignment 1

Develop a class (eg. csc240::WordParser) that can be used to parse user specified text and supports the following types of lookup features:
  • A member function that (eg. frequency) that will return the number of occurrences of a user specified word in the original text that was parsed.
  • A member function that will return a std::pair of iterators to the begin and end of a container of words that occur the specified number of times in the input text.
  • Provide a unit test suite for the parser and its functions. Include negative tests also.
  • Optimise both functions for time and not space.
class WordParser
  explicit WordParser( const std::string& text );
  uint16_t frequency( const std::string& word );
  std::pair<ContainerType::const_iterator, ContainerType::const_iterator> words( const uint16_t frequency );