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Lesson 1 - Introduction

System Architecture

Application Structure


Layouts are used to organize widgets (and other layouts) on screen.  Layouts may be nested as deeply as required to achieve the final widget organization required.  For performance reasons minimize the number of layouts used (nested).
  • RelativeLayout - The most commonly used and powerful layout provided by the Android API.  Widgets are placed with relation to either the parent layout or to other adjacent widgets.
  • LinearLayout - Lays out widgets vertically or horizontally.  May be nested to achieve more complex layouts.
  • TableLayout - Lays out widgets in a table.
  • FrameLayout - Lays out widgets in a stack, with the top-most widget usually having focus.

Dynamic Layouts

Dynamic layouts are used to render data driven widgets on screen.  These layouts derive from AdapterView, which uses an Adapter as bridge to the underlying data source.
  • ListView - Displays a scrolling single column list.
  • GridView - Displays a scrolling grid of columns and rows.

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