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 NjsonA simple JSON parser implementation
 NioClasses that deal with parsing and generating JSON data
 CDefaultHandlerA default handler that populates a Json instance with the JSON data being parsed
 CHandlerStreaming handler interface for parsing JSON data streams
 CReaderBase JSON data reader interface. Implementations provide support for reading JSON data from various sources. Event notifications will be sent to the callback handler set for the reader. Handler instances may be updated during the course of data parsing
 CStreamReaderJSON data parser for streams
 CStreamWriterWriter for serialising spt::json::Json instances
 CStringReaderJSON data reader from strings
 CStringWriterWriter for serialising spt::json::Json instances
 CWriterBase writer for serialising spt::json::Json instances
 CArrayRepresents a JSON array value/document
 CBooleanRepresents the JSON true and false values
 CJsonBase class that is used to represent JSON data in a polymorphous manner
 CNullRepresents a JSON null value
 CNumberRepresents a JSON number value
 CObjectRepresents a JSON object value/document
 CStringRepresents a JSON string value
 CValueAbstract base class that represents a valid JSON value