BSON C++ API  2.5.1
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ODMObject.h File Reference
#include <uma/bson/Object.h>
#include <Poco/SharedPtr.h>
#include <map>
#include <typeinfo>
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class  uma::bson::ODMObject< Model >
 Abstract class that presents a more friendly ODM interface than uma::bson::Object. More...
class  uma::bson::ODMObject< Model >::MetaField
 Abstract base class that encapsulates a field in a model object. Primarily used to get around requirement that implementation needs exact type of data encapsulated in the field as template type. More...
class  uma::bson::ODMObject< Model >::MetaFieldImpl< DataType >
 Encapsulates a field in a model object. Fields are represented as a triplet of the field in the class, and its accessor and mutator methods. More...


namespace  uma
namespace  uma::bson
 Classes that present a DOM style view of a BSON document.